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February 29, 2004 - 12:40 pm

cornelius just broke my "i will hold the tea bag" vintage ceramic. i'm mad. it's pretty stupid to be upset at something so small....i just hope he'll hop onto ebay and pick me up another (or these 4).

last night snoopy (our cat to the left looking way too fucking noble for her own good) bit my foot. i guess i must have kicked her when we both were sleeping and she attacked me with a really hard bite. it hurt like hell and cornelius woke up to put some ointment and bandage me up. damn cat.

okay, enough with my complaining. it has been a nice weekend otherwise. last night me and c headed to the sketchiest part of town -- which is only about 5 blocks from our own neighbourhood -- the 100 block of east hastings. we went to a sketch dive bar (the balmoral) to see ray condo and his ricochets perform. i'm not a huge fan of rockabilly so i wasn't that into it, but man, i saw a lot of girls with my old haircut of 7 years ago. short baby bangs and shoulder-length black dyed hair abounds in rockabilly circles and part of me kinda missed having such a defined style. it made me think that i was much cuter back then. sigh. as for the bar, it wasn't as divey as i had imagined and no one tried to sell us cheese or meat products from under their coats. it was pretty great to people watch tho. watching all the downtown east side regulars mingle with all the rockabilly hipsters was kinda neat. everyone got along and it made me feel good about being there. i really want the downtown eastside to be seen as some kind of viable community rather than the drug-infested image it has now. there are really great empty buildings there and i'd love to see more young artists and professionals living there alongside the community that already exists. people seem to have an image that the dte is a very scary place but it really isn't. it is definitely sad and depressing but it's not scary and i've actually witnessed a lot of caring and a lot of the residents helping out others. i really hope the area changes for the better soon.

this afternoon i'll meet up with kyla, serge, pam and dan to play shuffleboard at the legion on main street. whooo!

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