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February 03, 2004 - 5:16 pm

after a relaxing weekend, i've been thrown into the chaos of work. the company where i work is really 2 companies...one marketing company and one ad agency. they need to revamp both of their websites and guess who'll be creating both of them?? me! i'm actually pretty excited about it. i also received an email from a freelance client that my proposal was accepted so that means another website and more work to do. and i also have to finish up another freelance project this weekend. this business is all about dry spells and floods. i don't understand it. but i can't complain either. my bills are getting paid, my debts are being chipped away and my savings are growing. yesterday on cbc radio i heard that the most you should pay for rent is 30% of your income. i pay much, much, much less and leaves me with a lot of extra money that can go to debts and bills and savings. cornelius and i are even planning a trip for the spring! it's moments like these where i can pat myself on the back and say "welcome to adulthood".

i have to add that there are also moments like yesterday where my lunch consisted of popcorn and rootbeer and i made errors due to my poor editing skills. i felt like i was thirteen again.

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