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January 15, 2004 - 6:40 pm

i'm not thinking very cohesively today, so it's just bits n' bites for you!

when i was in grade 8 and joan jett was rockin the radio with "i love rock n' roll" my brother and i had a brush with wwjjd. on a hype saturday afternoon, my brother and i headed to the mall to see miss joan jett herself judge a joan jett look-a-like contest. yes, a mall contest in a l0nd0n ontario mall. i think a boy won but the highlight for my brother was when joan walked right by us and lil' bro reached out his arm and pulled at the white leather tassles of miss jett's jacket. how fucking rock n' roll is that? (i told cornelius that story last night and we laughed until we cried. may it have the same effect on you.)

if you were sneaking a peek into our livingroom window last night you would have seen me and c sitting side by side on the couch watching the oc and knitting. c hardly watches tv at all and is generally snobbish about his tv watching. but even after his comment on how bad the oc was, he stayed there the full hour, not just watching but fully getting involved in all the action. yes, he was commenting like a girl. and no way that's a put down.

today cornelius made "bubble & squeak" for dinner. i don't know why i've always wanted to try it. cabbage and potatoes. it's british and it's not life-changing. for once, i wish i had ketchup in the house.

yesterday before work, our bedroom ceiling began leaking from all the rain. yikes! when we pulled the bed away from the wall, it was a mildew circus. oh joy! i left work early cuz there wasn't much to do and i returned home to scrub away the black wet stuff. i guess we're going to have to be very vigilant and scrub down the walls every month with bleach before it gets out of hand. or buy a dehumidifier. today we had no cold water for 2 hours. oh the luxury of cheap rent.

i just finished reading 'sarah' by jt leroy. jt leroy was the executive producer and screenwriter for gus van sant's 'elephant'. jt leroy was born in 1980. in 1984 i was standing beside joan jett, my brother and his first woody.

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