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January 11, 2004 - 2:31 pm

there is an "underground" dvd "store" located in my neighbourhood (he has a room filled with dvd's on the main floor of a sketchy rooming house called the "lucky rooms"). the guy who runs it is probably a bit loopy and smokes too much pot. this does not lead to good business sense. he rents out dvds for 2 bux a pop and now has decided to have "free fridays", meaning rent one movie, get one movie free; rent 2 movies, get 2 movies free; and so on. on friday we got 4 movies and it somehow only cost us two dollars. and we get to keep them until tuesday! it's a pretty good deal for us but i kind of feel sorry for the dude as he can't be making very much money. and these are the real dvds...not copies. oh well.

me and c have talked about opening a real dvd/video store in our 'hood and maybe one day it could be a possiblility (c was serious about opening one years ago and made up buisness plans and everything but in the end didn't go through with it). our neighbourhood is gentrifying like crazy and we'd like to buy a house or something before prices go even higher....tho i doubt it's a possibility with small dumpy houses going for over $400,000.

yesterday kyla came over and we knit and made dinner and watched trading spaces. it was nice to have a friend over and just relax and laugh. we headed to the cinemateque to see the documentary "in the land of the deaf" by the same director who did "etre et avoir". it was pretty amazing and funny. i've never really given much thought to what it would be like to be deaf and this movie dealt with it's subjects in a very real and beautiful manner. it seemed strange that the entire education of deaf people revolved around teaching them how to speak -- especially considering that hearing people were the ones running all the schools and making all the decisions in regards to their education. something to think about. and the kids = so cute!!! after the movie, because it was so warm out, we walked back to my place and watched the basically free dvd "spun". it was a great evening.

today i've got to come up with a fee proposal for a freelance client....and it involves not only web design, but flash development too. oh fun!! all i want to do is knit and maybe head to see gus van sant's elephant which is playing at the ridge. work or fun, it's always a choice. damn.

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