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January 02, 2004 - 9:40 am

new years was a kicker! complete with good friends, dancing, feasting and a little bit of killing. doesn't everyone go for a bit of animal sacrifice on new years? well, kyla, sergio, cornelius and i sure did. it was our first crab feast. and those suckers were alive and squiggly until we ended their tasty lives in a giant pot of boiling water. so sad. we also ate a crayon-coloured day-glo key lime pie that looked much scarier than it tasted....and it tasted sooo good!!

after our primal feast (which included a table wrapped in newspaper and a hammer to smash claws), we drank most of our drinks and headed the 4 snowy blocks to our friend's party where randy deejayed. we danced our feet off and had fun. unfortunately, our friend randy had deserted his deejay post and the host (who is lovely but is still stuck in the '80's) took over the music controls. by an early 2am, we decided to go home. we walked home and once in watched the movie "wonderland" so that we wouldn't puke by laying down our drunken spinning heads. it must have worked cuz we were safe in bed by 4:30am and didn't wake up until 4 the next afternoon.

i did wake up yesterday with a horrible sore throat and thought it must have been because of all the yelling i did the night before (i do become rather gregarious when drunk). however, the sore throat is still stuck with me today and i'm feeling sleepy and lacking in energy. i hope i don't get a cold!!

it's cornelius' birthday today and he's 31! i'm pretty excited to spend the whole day with him and our first stop will be breakfast at either the nice cafe or slickety jims. our next stop will be the west vancouver knitting shop so that he can pick out some wool for a scarf that i'm making him as a birthday present. we'll end the day with a double bill at the ridge so we'll finally get to see "kill bill". it's going to be a great day....i just hope that i can last!

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