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December 29, 2003 - 5:59 pm

my vegan friend is coming over to dinner. she became vegan because her vegan boyfriend didn't want her not only eating meat any more, but dairy too. yikes. did i mention that i don't really like her boyfriend? me and him have had a clash or two before because he's so damn self-righteous and annoying.

as i was thinking about what to make for dinner, i realized that so many of my choices were limited -- i mean, no cheese?? in the past, i was a vegetarian for over 10 years. i have no fear of cooking without meat, but cutting out cheese and dairy and eggs is not only limiting but crazy. i've come to the conclusion that vegans hate food. it seems simple to me.

i'm making a dish that i'm making up as a go along -- which is what i usually do anyways. vegetables and couscous with african spices. no cheese needed. but raisins and toasted walnuts and cinnamon and cumin and other yummy goodness.

then tonight, it's off to the sugar to see my friend's band play. i'm sad cuz it's going to be the last time i go there as they are shutting their doors due to bad complaining neighbours and city regulations. i'm hoping that they'll re-open somewhere in the downtown eastside...close to my home! now, that would be perfection.

how was my christmas?? so damn good. lots of eating. lots of present giving and getting. lots of extended family gatherings. i'll post more when i have more time. right now, i've got to get cooking!

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