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December 11, 2003 - 6:50 pm

i just got home from my xmas party luncheon. i am drunk. 3 lemon drop martinis and a never-empty glass of fine red wine drunk. i was supposed to take a 2 hour lunch break from my one job to attend this other party, but the drinks kept coming and i never returned back. i only hope my job will be safe and secure tommorrow morning!! my drunken fingers are crossed!

it was a bit weird going to this xmas party because i only have been working there part time and i work alone in my small little office. i hardly see anyone and rarely talk to anyone. but i think i did okay. i chatted and laughed and i didn't do anything really regretful. i guess that's all i can ask for....well, besides a job that hires me full time and doesn't mind if i make an ass of myself sometimes.

c is working his evening job, so when i came home i came home to an empty house. i'm not used to it and i'm sad. pathetic? yes, definitely. i also came home to an email requesting my web design services. i was referred by someone i went to school with and they need something done my xmas. i'm already feeling loaded down with work and i don't know if i can do something more before then. i guess i'll just wait until c comes home and i'm sober and i can talk about htings rationally.

for now i'll just continue drinking water out of my japanese peanut glass and wait for my pizza to arrive. yes, it's going to be one of those nights.

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