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October 27, 2003 - 6:27 pm

i asked my boss today if they'd be interested in keeping me on all permanent-like. it's a hard question to ask, that one. i told them that i really liked my job and she willingly told me how much they liked my work. she said that it could be possible for some kind of permanent job...but she would have to ask her boss. but she said that they could definitely give me more hours, regardless. i'm pleased. pleased that i finally asked about my future there and pleased that i wasn't shut down. there's hope!

i think my time as a graphic designer at the big co. just might be over. it's kinda sad cuz i do love my boss there....i could almost call her a friend. i could! she's pretty cool and interesting and is definitley an inspiring presence to be around. but it's time to leave. what more can i learn there? i think i'm quite limited in that department. there's not much creativity involved and when creative work is called for, it's a rare thing indeed. but the biggest bonus for leaving this job would be NO MORE TEMP AGENCY! yes, that would be the best perk of all. i've been bitching about them for months and now that i've been there for 10 months, well, then it's just not very temporary, is it? the other bonus: no more corporate dress code! whoooo! but i shouldn't get too excited. i haven't quit yet and i don't know about the permanence of my other job. i'm crossing my fingers and toes this time.

in other fine, fine news: c got a new job! it's nothing that showcases his fine computer programming skills or his flash action-scripting skills, but it's a paycheque. in fact, i got him a job at the ol' movie house that i used to work for! it'll keep him busy and out of the house a couple of nights a week and help him through those lean times when freelance work just doesn't cut it.

so all seems well in my life. my own freelance project is coming along nicely. yesterday i came up with some design ideas that really will make things work better for the project and i've already received very positive feedback from the client.

my only complaint could be the darkness. i don't like riding my bike home in rush-hour traffic when it's dark. it's scary and i'm afraid to die. but, it's not raining and i can ride my bike, so really, i guess that point is somewhat moot. the odds of dying are pretty low (or at least, that's what i tell myself) i'm happy riding my bike! i'm happy the weather is nice! i'm happy it's not raining!

so that's all you're going to get. i've probably got that stupid happy look on my face and i'm dealing with it.

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