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October 26, 2003 - 8:49 am

i can't stop the knitting! my scarf is already a scarf by most standards, but as it's a skinny scarf i'm going to have to use up the whole ball of yarn to get it long enough. it's pretty exciting. on friday i took my knitting with me for the 50 minute bus ride to the university to meet my clients. it was a bad idea. the bus was bumpy and sometimes there were people beside me which totally fucked up my tension and concentration and i often ended up with an extra stitch. so now my scarf has 2 holes from that busride period. it's kind of a neat indicator of my time, in a way.

friday night i missed the adbusty group (basically, when i worked for adcrusters, all the girls who worked there decided to form a splinter group where we could bitch, drink and do crafty projects -- now out of the entire group, there is only one girl left who still works there! everyone else got laid off, fired or quit. yes, the magazine sucks. don't buy the magazine. it's badly run. they don't pay there staff well. there is no creative thinking allowed and the worst is that the owner is a sham -- eating at mcdonalds and accepting huge "donations" (ie. advertising) from huge corporations so that we could use their products on the website). anyway, i missed meeting with the girls and it's happened a few times already. but the meeting was far away and it just seemed easier to head to the bar down the street with some friends and drink and then head further down the street to see another friend's band play. does that make me a bad person? or just lazy? regardless, the night was fun. my friend's band was great and the guitar player is 7 months pregnant and i actually felt her belly and was invited to her baby shower. and there is a promise to be able to hold the baby when it's actually out in the world. i'm 33 and i have yet to hold a baby. i've always been afraid but i figure that if i decide to have kids one day, that i've got to know what it feels like to hold one. y'know, at the very least.

yesterday was a great day. sunshine and warm and everything felt good. me and c woke up late (no hangovers) and rode our bikes to the library book sale. we each bought handfulls of books and then ate japanese noodle soup at the best noodle joint in town (which is right across from the library). we also bought a game of boggle and i felt kind of ripped off buying it new (at $20!!!), but i've been thrifting for it for years and have only come across the 1st edition of the game which sucks by not having the shakey-shakey dome and makes gameplay totally dumb. i guess it'll be worth the price. last night i rented 'chicago' and it was pretty bad but there isn't much choice at the local "video club" for stupid girl movies.

today is a late breakfast at randy's and i've got a cheese strata in the fridge ready to go. i'm excited by the extra hour. c is using it to sleep in late, but as i'm such a bad sleeper, it just means i have an extra long day which is totally nice. i think i will make some muffins now. i've definitely got the time!

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