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July 20, 2003 - 1:41 pm

c took me out for a steak dinner. we went to those ol' fashioned steak houses with vinyl booths and menus that have italian specials, greek specials, pizza specials and steak specials. we sat on the "patio" and drank beer. we then headed over to randy's and c left shortly after cuz he wanted to go to the final bl!!c party. it was fun drinking sans partners and chillin' like old times. we played pit shouting loudly "corner on wheat!" and "corner on barley". pit kicks ass. i rode my bike home all drunk-like. it was 2:48 when i got home and c wasn't home yet. about an hour later c came home even drunker than i was. he's a pretty lovable drunk. lots of i love you's and you're my favorite person ever type of phrases. tho i'm lucky cuz he's always saying that even when he's not all drunked up.

in the morning he puked lots which put a hold on our main street plans. but we did eventually go but we got there too late to have our pitcher of lemonade at liberty bakery. but we did eat some cheap dinner at 'hawker's delight' and played gin at the main's patio while sipping some drinks. we spied some teahouse/pastry place open (it's only open in the evenings and i forget it's name) and decided to have some tea and split a desert. how ever, when we ordered our 2 teas and our dessert, the waiter informed us that there was a minimum charge of six dollars per person. our order came to five dollars per person. c said to him that that was our order and we didn't want anything else. the waiter said we had to order something else or we would have to go!! we couldn't believe it. the place was empty....we were the only table in the entire place! we left in shock. only afterwards did we think of some good comebacks. what a pissy experience. we're never going back and i'm telling others not to go there either....if only i could remember what it was called!! grrrrrr.

we then headed down to the iga to get some fixins. i had never been to the iga on main street and it's a fucking plethora of indie kids and coolsters. crazy. i ran into 2 friends of mine who are total coolsters and hip bandmates: the lovely and stunning ted (of destr0yer / y0ung & 5exy / 0rphan) who kissed me on both cheeks in his gracious and chivalric manner and jeremy (of s1noa caves / 0rphan). the iga on main is a hipsters paradise. black tees and gigham shirts and well stacked fruit and floresent lighting must work well together.

we rented mr. show on dvd and watched most of it last night. it was hilarious. i love david cross' articles in vice and his stand-up cd is hilarious but bob odenkirk was a sketch comedy genius. and i finally figured out the name of mary lynn rajskub who i first saw in the anniversary party and loved her on sight. instant crush. she was hilarious on mr. show and very funny on the commentary tracks too.

i feel like shit. it's a girl thing and i also think i'm getting a cold. i feel pretty awful and decided not to go to c's family bbq in langley. no really, i am sick. achoo. ow the pain. it's fo' reals yo.

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