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July 22, 2003 - 9:00 pm

1. you know you are old when... your doctor is younger than you are. yes, it's true. last night i found a new doctor. actually, my new doctor is the same as hers. the lovely tess referred me. and although the doctor was nice and friendly, she isn't even thirty yet. what a troubling world i find myself in. and yet i will definitely agree with the lovely miss adventures (tho i could not read the ny times article that is the basis for the theory) that yes, thirty is indeed the new 21. thirty is great. and next year my doctor will realize that too.

2. you know you are still a kid when... you spent the day without a worry about sunscreen (ouch! that burns!!) on rides like "the wild mouse" and "hell's gate". yes, c and me spent the day at playland and we forgot about sunscreen (actually, a bad thing) and went on the wooden coaster 3 times, rocked on the totally rocker-styled "octopus", and necked on the ol' fashioned ferris wheel. it was a pretty sweet day to skip work. and we ended it all with a stop off at dairy queen splitting a peanut buster parfait. mmmm. it made the bikeride home extra nice.


there is quite a difference between the west side and the east side. i'm an east side girl, that's for sure. but yesterday, i decided to ride my bike from my east side apartment to my new doctor's office on the west side. i was amazed by two main things. one, it only took me half an hour to get there by bicycle and two, that the bad road conditions are not only left to those who pay less taxes. the roads suck equally on both sides of the tracks, so to speak. and on my way back home, i stopped off at safeway and bought the most delicious green grapes which i am eating right this very moment. dee-licious.


i've been applying for jobs like crazy. i need one desperately and then this morning i checked out the bl!!c site that me and c did and because of some closing script that c had put in and now that the bl!!c is closed it is very fucked up. the first page not only has an error but is chopped off. and we no longer have ftp access to the server so we have to get a hold of someone to give us the password so that we can change it. the other pages look okay, but this is not good for my resume of work. bah. and a friend has tipped me off to a job and has already put in a reference for me as a "fun, progressive girl" and now i have to write a "fun, progressive-type girl" cover letter. i need help!! eek.

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