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July 07, 2003 - 5:24 pm

last night i went to see how's your news at the blc!! it was fucking hilarious. you might remember the cast gracing the cover of vice ...one of their better issues of late, actually. it was amazing because it made me realize not to be so uptight. and i hope it made cornelius realize that dancing in public is a great thing (he's really a private dancer). this is really a movie everyone should see.

it's funny cuz now that the blc!! is closing down for good, i've been there more than i have ever been...and i volunteered there for 2 years! but this final program fucking rocks. good movies are playing almost every week. on friday i went to see the eye of newt play to tron. i had never seen tron before and it was pretty great...tho i've seen the eye of newt do better -- but maybe cuz i've only seen them do their outdoor movie shows in the park on commercial drive. and seeing movies outside on a hot summer night with live musical accompaniment is pretty sweet. and next week, they are playing a crispin glover movie that i've never seen before. crispin glover is one hott man. oh yes.

today was pretty relaxing. me and c went to the nice cafe for breakfast and then had a hankering for homemade apple pie with ice cream. we went to the whip but it was closed. i forgot that slickety jims has great pie, so it's been a no-pie kind of day. but it's okay, cuz we spent a good part of the afternoon in bed and afternoon lovin' is the best kind there is. i also found time to create a template for a freelance client and bake some cupcakes for my girlie magazine meeting tonight. it's being held at my boss' house and he has a pink stove (!!!!) and so i'm making pink frosted cupcakes and bringing some pink sparkling wine to match it up right.

tommorrow morning it will be all about finding a doctor and trying to get an appointment to get a 'down there' kind of exam. i'm pretty bad cuz it's been about 2 years since i've been professionally touched in that very personal area. i hate those kind of appointments and for some reason doctor's offices always seem to have really bad travel pictures on the ceiling above the examination table. as if i'm going to be making potential travel plans or daydreaming about exotic locales as some one is up to their elbow inside of me!

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