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July 09, 2003 - 10:05 am

my friend aaron is in town this week and his boyfriend craig will be down on friday for the weekend. craig was my best friend when i lived in ontario. he hired me at a local record store just cuz he wanted to be my friend. his plan worked. i can't wait until friday as craig has never been to vancouver before. god knows there will be lots of pink drinks going on with the blender this weekend.

i think i'll take aaron down main street cuz i really have having to come up with exciting plans for out-of-town guests. i'm lame that way. but it should be fun....snooping in old antiques stores, checking out some vintage duds and eating some warm apple strudel at liberty bakery with a cold pitcher of lemonade. sounds like a good day i think.

and if all goes well, i'll have the evening to myself!!

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