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March 14, 2003 - 5:08 pm

work got let out early today! i couldn't believe it. on a friday and a beautiful one at that. fridays are usually the busiest day...where all the brokers want a mailer or 4 colour brochure designed yesterday. i could go on about how slimy commercial real estate brokers are (the fake tans, the blonde highlights, the toothy grins), but i don't want to ruin this goodness. it was deader than the dead, so my boss decided to close up shop and we all took off an hour early. it was pretty sweet, especially as i've quite enjoyed my two days at the commercial-real-estate-marketing-department-hell. i guess it's cuz my boss asked me if the temp agency found me the job at the media-bustin' magazine and when i told her no, she started treating me better. i think she thinks me and the temp agency fucked her over cuz i don't want to work full-time for her. but now she just sees it as me having a better job. phew.

and it's friday which means that i have 3 days off! and it's sunny and not raining outside and it really really really does feel like summer is about to start. and it means that i can catch up with my friends about their lives and hang out and drink beer and laugh and make plans and listen to good music!

i even got to work in a good mood. i did. at 8am. my boss said i was 'radiant'. but i think i was more pleasantly 'hungover' (if there is such a thing). last night i met a friend after work and he bought me a beer. then i hopped over to cornelius' apartment and we decided to go out to dinner on his tax return funds. so we ate burgers at the best burger place in vancouver and drank a pitcher of beer and made up travel plans and drew maps and kissed and acted silly. thank goodness for corner booths!

so yes, i'm pretty happy. don't knock it! now if i only i had a ritter sport bar. mmmmmm.

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