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March 17, 2003 - 10:26 am

so i was right and had a pretty great weekend. hurray for optimism and good times!

friday night, kyla, randy and cornelius came over and we watched the kings cream the raptors (yay nba!) and ate lots of white trash potatoes and pillsbury weiner wraps. yes, we are disgusting. kyla brought over instant jello pudding -- chocolate and pistachio -- and tho i found the day-glo mint green of the pistachio pudding quite attractive in the mint green pyrex bowl, i remembered how much i hate pudding. pudding is gross. no doubt about that. we also managed to play scrabble with randy winnning and getting almost all of the triple word scores. but fun and sportsmanship reigned supreme.

saturday, cornelius and i headed off to the west side on our bicycles and took the seaside route in the lovely warm weather. we had planned to get his camera fixed, but when we got to the store it had closed. so instead we decided to browse through book stores and go see a matinee. it was all lovey-dovey times, let me tell you.

and yesterday we got all productive and shit and we put my lovely new popawheelie design into production. it's all coded, looking beautiful and ready to go. we have decided to become more aggressive in marketing our design and development services. we will do all we can to take over the world. or afford dinner out or something. i'll included a link when the site is up as we still are waiting on some shiznit.

today i will get more stuff done. check that the code is w3 compatible on the new site. design new buisness cards and postcards and add new links to sites i have done into my portfolio site. my gaytard phrase for this month is "i'm makin' it happen!" yes, i do.

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