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December 08, 2002 - 12:24 pm

thanks to the boy i had a burger breakfast yesterday morning. finally, my burger prayers have been answered!

after a weekend of social graces i am looking forward to a day of getting my shit done. i have made a list of everyone who i am making something for and it's pretty long. i've got a lot to do and i'm starting today. my goals for today are do-able: make my christmas cards (and hope my idea works!), make one pillow, make a butternut squash curry soup for dinner (mmm), make some xmas cookies, and work out a few patterns for the gifts. it's pretty exciting. maybe i'll even put up a few lights in my window. and i hope that one of my friends will be heading out to buy a tree and wouldn't mind me coming along and picking up one too. ah, i love christmas!

if i had the time, i'd leave a copy of "hark the herald angels sing" by the fall on my server, but i've got to get into the shower and get busy. another day perhaps.

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