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December 09, 2002 - 1:17 pm

i'm at a new office for this week temping my ass off. actually, this is another good gig but the transit to get here is more than hellish. in fact, it is in a different zone and i will have to spend $40 in transit fare alone for these 5 days. grrrrr. but on the upside, the work is good.

i managed to complete lots of stuff yesterday tho not as much as i had hoped for. i did do my xmas cards and they turned out pretty great. i did a lino cut (which i've never done before) and i was pretty excited with the results. i did a pretty simple design, rolled on the ink and printed up my cards. now, if only someone could get me a gecco for xmas i'd be really really happy! i also managed to get out my xmas decorations but couldn't put up any lights cuz i caused a power surge. sadly, i have an old apartment that is not equipted with all the modern amneneties a girl needs -- like more than 3 power outlets (and three pronged ones at that!) i also made a yummy butternut squash soup, did laundry, visited with friends and read. it was a pretty relaxing sunday.

on my lunch break today i went to a fabric store and bought tons of felt and stuffing. yes, i am making felt stuffed creatures and sock creatures this year. i'm pretty excited. felt is one of my favorite fabrics as you don't have to hem or even have access to a sewing machine. i'm very excited about all of my projects...i only hope they work out! tho, in this area, i have complete confidence. kristen will even lend me her sewing machine this week, as she is heading back to ontario for xmas. no more needle-pricked fingers! hooray! and tommorrow, i will make preserved lemons with kyla and help her set up her shiny sliver christmas tree. ah, yes, i am feeling the holiday spirit! and i'm not going to go broke doing it either. phew! homemade goodies for everyone!!

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