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September 11, 2002 - 4:14 pm

okay. so i sent the BigAdAgency guy a thank you note. i should have sent him a super kick ass made by me flash card or something super fancy to knock his socks off. oh well. i always fuck things up somehow. my fingers are no longer crossed. my hope is gone. i'll just wait. in the meantime, i had 2 job interviews today and one looks sort of promising. and tommorrow i have another job interview for a web design position. it seems okay, so i'll try to kick ass this time.

phew. ass kicking is harder than i thought. boy kicking, that i can do.

this week so far has been fun. fun. fun. it really has. i could go into details, but i won't. i think my diary entries are suffering because of my secret. oh well. i can only please me. but a little run down of events wouldn't hurt anyone. on sunday, people came over and we made yummy eggplant recipes from the nigella bites cookbook. so good and tasty. we also drank a ton...or at least i did. i over did it on one too many 'salty dogs' and other sour/salty fruit drinks we made up. but it was fun. monday morning was full of recovery and i savoured my entire day alone. i applied for jobs, got really nervous about the exciting job, took a bath and dyed my hair. being selfish is good. yesterday was spent playing back the interview in my head and being convinced that i did not get it. later, me and my secret boy hung out and had more fun than i ever would have thought. i smiled more than i have in ages and everything felt warm and fuzzy. i went to bed kicking myself.

now if only i could get myself a job.

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