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September 03, 2002 - 12:00 pm

the sky is dark, there is rain and wet leaves on the ground and the new vogue is the size of a telephone directory. yes, fall is definitely here. i am wearing black rocketdog street life shoes, brown knee socks, a brown corduroy knee-length skirt, a white belt and a red turtleneck sweater. i am so back-to-school it is not even funny. i am ready for it all! i have set my goal: a job in two weeks or bust!!! i'm going at it like a crazy girl. i spent this morning applying for more jobs than i have appendages and i am determined to get my life going. i'm applying for jobs that i wouldn't have applied to before, but now i have come to the realization that i have bills to pay, shoes to buy, beer to drink and rent to pay. these are important matters that have to be dealt with swiftly and urgently. i am prepared. this is my mission and i've accepted it with gusto!

i had a good weekend and it helped to further my resolve. fun on the weekend. work like the dickens during the week. oh yes. i am ready. friday night, i watched charlie chaplin's "city lights" in the park down the street from my apartment. an outdoor cinema with a live improv jazz band and a beer in my hand. it was pure heaven. saturday i went to the library and got out books and videos and then kyla and i prepared a yummy dinner (her tomato lime soup and my salty vodka lime frappes). we watched trading spaces and decided to make instant skirts out of jeans and cords. we were going to wilco that evening, so we decided that we had to make skirts for jeff tweedy! we ripped up seams and hand-sewed like the dickens and i completed my skirt in time to wear to wilco. kyla, sadly, did not. ah, wilco! what a great show. i am so in love with jeff tweedy! he is my new boy hero. insert *swoon* here. the bike ride home was great too. the weather was warm and we were crazy and giddy and we joyously lapped up the last of breezes of summer weather.

sunday morning i headed over to cornelius' for breakfast. we spent the day together and had more fun than we should have. it was great. in the evening i met my friends in the park to watch "godzilla vs mothra". the live band was in place and a live made-up script was read in place of sound. it was hilarious and fun. vodka and bottles of wine were passed around and it felt good being with good friends. the next morning, randy picked up kyla and i for a ride into nature. however, due to rain and dark clouds, nature was put off in favour of sheer consumer bliss. we visited some remote value villages and shopped until we dropped. i felt under pressure not to spend lots, so i was very careful in my purchases, buying only what i "needed". i got a pair of brown gwg man-pants (very baggy and short, but oh-so-cute), a wanda jackson record, an old picture kids book, a beautiful chocolate brown vintage wool coat, and a cutie mint-green swingy trench coat (a girl can never have enough coats: i have over 20 and still need more). when i came home, i made made myself some mashed potatoes and gravy (oooh, decadent!) and some squash for dinner while watching "mister smith goes to washington". my friend meesoo called me all high on 'e' and told me i was blessed. this time i'll choose to believe him.


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