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September 04, 2002 - 12:27 pm

has my resolved thinned down to a layer of veneer? no. at least i don't think so. i haven't looked for a job yet today. but it's not that i'm not motivated. i am feeling sick. i feel awful. i feel like i'm hungover and i am so not. my life has taken an unexpected detour and it isn't unpleasant. it's actually kind of good, in a secretive way. but it's also bad in the kind of way that i am keeping it a secret from everyone i know. aaaahhhhhh! i'm pained!! i'm not good with keeping things inside!

thanks to andrew who left the best drunken message on my answering machine last night. i now have his sweet texas twang captured and can listen to his kick ass message whenever i want to. press 9 to save message. indeed!

i wish i had an mp3 copy of a certain rolling stones song to give to this beautiful lady, but i don't. i'll have to try to marry her another day. instead, i have this for wooing purposes.

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