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July 08, 2002 - 2:06 pm

i have been the biggest bitch today. i'm normally quite pleasant and cheerful. well, that's what i'd like to believe, anyway. it all started with the workmen who came by to finally fill in the hole in my bathroom ceiling. they were annoying and just generally bugged the fuck out of me. grrrrrr. then cornelius came by and things got kinda frustrated with our 2 very different working styles. i'm not into sharing. this isn't kindergarten anymore. grrrrr. and finally, kristen's boyfriend came over to print something for her and even though, nothing went horribly wrong or anything, i just felt like my space had been invaded all fucking day. grrrrrrr. then cornelius emailed me to let me know that he heard the workmen and my landlord talking about painting my entire bathroom -- and not just the ceiling this week. this can't happen. i painted my bathroom pink and i love it. i don't want it boring apartment beige. fuck them. grrrrr.

i say 'fuck' a lot when i'm angry. fucking fuckers!! grrrrrr.

even the fact that i snagged 2 job interviews this week isn't helping my fucking bad mood.

no song today. it was so bad that i erased it the instant after i heard it. fuck.

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