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July 09, 2002 - 3:05 pm

today sucks once again. i had a job interview today for a receptionist position and it was horrible. well, actually, the interview itself went fine. the place was horrible. the woman that interviewed me wore a hotpink zebra striped headband and wore serpent rings. i felt like giving her the devil horns salute as i left, but thought better of it. if this is what the job market is like, count me out.

i feel crushed. defeated. sorry-assed. why can't i find a decent job? why?? i'm going to redo my resume tonight and hopefully that will make things seem more productive. yesterday i did complete three different templates for the blinding light. now it's up to alex to decide which one he wants to go with. i'm pretty excited about that! now if only i could get paid for web design. in this city it doesn't seem likely.

if anyone can recommend a good book for learning adobe illustrator i would be very very pleased. cuz right now, illustrator frustrates the fuck out of me. grrrrr.

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