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July 05, 2002 - 10:45 am

it's sunny out and i am feeling much better about things. i think my body acts like some kind of weather vein, as i really am affected by the sun or lack of it. it was also nice to hang out with cornelius just as friends and not talking about work or anything. he made me feel pretty good about myself. as of late, i had been thinking that my standards have sunk so low and i've accomplished nothing. he pointed out things that i've forgotten or just didn't decide to count. i have done stuff and i have learned lots. it's true. ah, this is why friendship was invented. we watched 'high noon', drank beer and ate homemade macaroni and cheese. it was loads of fun. cornelius kept making me play this made up game called "say this", as in "say this: r-o-o-f" or say this: "g-a-r-a-g-e". it was pretty laugh inducing. the bike ride home was nice too. cold but welcoming.

this morning the sun shone brightly in my eyes and i woke up with a bang. i applied for jobs and can't stop singing songs from the musical buffy re-run that was on this past week. ah, musical buffy! there is a god. i'm going to do some excercise crap and then fax off some resumes. later, i think we'll be heading to the pic to see the nasty on. bike club powers activate!

disturbing fact: i keep getting google hits for people searching for "vancouver kiddie stroll". *shiver*.

today's nuggett is the super furry animals, i've got a fire in my heart. mmmm, such a pretty song. i really hope there are no secret messages in these songs that cornelius keeps sending me. ahhh.

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