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July 04, 2002 - 2:31 pm

it's cold cold cold outside (who said it was summer??), it's dark and i'm still wearing my pj's and drinking coffee. some days are just harder than others. and today just sucks ass.

yesterday i went to see dogtown and z-boys for the third time. it just doesn't lose it's charm. kyla and i were checking out the cutest boy in blue chucks after the movie and randy mentioned that the cute boy looked like an older version of the p.y.t. hmmmm. i wish i had an older version of the p.y.t. too. sigh. don't get me wrong....i do love that boy, but i do also wish he was older. grrrrr. i thought age wasn't supposed to matter...

afterwards, kyla, randy, cornelius and i decided that cheap wednesday beers at buk's were necessary. we drank more than a few and left feeling all woozy and silly. kyla came over and we prepared a lovely pesto and lemon chicken dinner. mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots. it was like sundays back home. except prepared by 2 drunk girls while watching american idol results on television. it was pretty fantastic -- the chicken, i mean. the p.y.t. stopped by later and kyla and the boy kept bickering. oh well....i can't always keep the peace. the boy is a bit sensitive. after kyla departed, the p.y.t. and i made out like bandits. yum. maybe young boys aren't so bad? heehee.

later today will find me back in strathcona hanging out with cornelius. this time beer will be in the mix. i hope we'll get stuff on the blinding light site done, but i'm not really counting on it. i also hope that no 'trouble' errupts either.

downloadable song of the day:golden apples of the sun by kim fowley.

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