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June 02, 2002 - 10:08 am

most stylish cocky band award? the hives. oh yea. too bad the crowd sucked. moshing and devil horns? my oh my. i just hope the crowd that will be at the white stripes next week won't be such boy cretins.

where do i begin?

i'm giddy with infatuation. the p.y.t. and i are getting along fabulously. he says i am 'good for the soul' and he calls me his soulmate and i do not punch him in the nose for it. i haven't felt like this in a long, long time. life is good between us. last night he unexpectedly came over after his radio show (he hosts a noise program at his university radio station). it was pretty great hanging out, chatting and getting frisky. he left at 3:30 am and i hated to see him go. but he is a mathematics genius and has lots of schoolwork and has to return his parent's car and it is at these times when i realize that he is only 22.

yes, that was a highlight of a fabulous and strange day. let me continue.

yesterday morning i woke up early -- too early considering i chatted on the phone with the p.y.t. for hours the previous night. but i didn't miss the sleep. i was awake and ready to get things going. i did some yoga and abs work and it felt good. i had coffee and called kyla to see if she was ready to hit the garage sale extravaganza. [side note: once a year, our neighbourhood organizes a one-day gigantic garage sale. it takes place over a 10 block radius. feel the excitement]. we went out and loaded up on all sorts of books, records, toys, luggage, etc. kyla scored big with a polaroid slide printer! my big score was a white large round suitcase with a red satin lining for $1. we had to head back to kyla's to unload before we headed out again.

after we had shopped til we could shop no more, we decided to have a picnic. it was a fantastic day out. lots of sun, no clouds and very warm. we got on our bikes, grabbed miscellanious foodstuffs (smartfood, cheetos and apple juice), blankets and magazines/books and headed out to a local park. we detoured to grab a hotdog at a&w, as hotdogs must be devoured at a picnic. it was pretty fantastic. we lazed around on the blankets getting sleepy and chatting about life and why vancouver sucks and why vancouver is great. by the time we left, we were pink (no sunscreen) and refreshed. how great is that?

when i got home, i realized i had gotten an email from the guy who i'm bidding to do his site. we haven't got it yet, but we are still top of the pile. i'm crossing my fingers and toes. cornelius called to say the hives/mooney suzuki show would be an early one. band on at 7:45 pm (reason one: vancouver sucks). cornelius met me and my place and we rode our bikes downtown to the commodore. we got in halfway through mooney suzuki's set and i wasn't as impressed as i had been over a year ago when i saw them last. oh well. they were kicking out the jams regardless of my opinon. the hives were stylish and cocky and the singer was sexy sexy sexy. oi!

it was a short show. we left and it was still light out. we went out for dinner cos we were both hungry. i told cornelius about the p.y.t. and he got sad. actually, he told me later that when i told him about the boy his next bite of food tasted like vomit and he couldn't eat any further. he kinda guessed that something was going on since i had been so giddy lately. cornelius told me that he is still infatuated with me and that he knows that he went about things wrong with me. he didn't take risks and that really is a problem. i was concerned that we wouldn't be able to be friends anymore, let alone business partners, but he assured me that we still can be. he came back to my place to pick up his bike pump and before he left he asked if he could kiss me. i was shocked. i told him no. but i did give him a hug. as we hugged i could feel him smelling my hair.

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right now: the carter family sings "i'm lonesome for you".

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