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June 04, 2002 - 7:18 am

sunday was the day randy introduced his new girlfriend to us. she seems nice, normal and pretty. it kinda bugged me and kyla tho. or maybe it was that we all watched the basketball game and sacramento lost (ah, we still love you bibby) and the lakers will most undoubtedly continue their over- inflated reign. anyway, we drank lots and ate hotdogs and we were loud, loud, loud!! i am fairly certain that my neighbours hate me. foam pads have now been added to the common doors that lead up to the third floor and i think it's due to my late night comings and goings. oops!

afterwards, we headed down to buk's for pitchers of beer. we even tried to order mai-tai's (sp?) cos it was something i had always wanted to drink ever since i had seen it on the carol burnett show as a kid, but the bartender wouldn't do it! we were mad, so we crossed the street to fets. ah, delicious mai-tai's!! yum. i don't know if what we were drinking was an actual mai-tai, but we all certainly appreciated the effort. sour limey and coconut flavoured. yum. then we decided to carry out our debauchery at havana's next door and drank mojitos. mmmm. when i got home at midnight, i had missed the p.y.t.'s phone call, but i checked my email and there was a wonderful new message from him. ah, he is sweet, sweet, sweet.

yesterday i was in business mode. i applied for jobs and one internship and i was focused on writing the copy for our site. its coming along nicely. at 11 pm, the p.y.t. stopped by for a quick visit. he did mathematics homework on the kitchen table, as i worked on the computer. we were both very busy, but i'm glad he stopped by for kisses and hugs.

today, i will meet up with cornelius for breakfast. i'm a bit nervous as it will be the first time since saturday that we've spoken. i'm hoping that all will be fine. i certainly won't bring up anything, and i'm sure he won't either. it will be strictly buisness. hopefully, we'll even get the site up today. well, at least by the end of the week.

more coffee. now. [side note: what is with my favorite diary reads? a couple of late have noted that they have stopped or are considering to stop. ack!!! it makes me very sad.]

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