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May 30, 2002 - 11:21 am

so much for going to bed when i'm tired and getting up early. but don't worry, the rest of my project for self-improvement is still on track. i did yoga last night, i drank lots of water, made a nutritious and yummy dinner. yes, i'm on day two, but who's counting anyhow. in a few days i'm sure i'll forget all about it.

the p.y.t. called me last night and we ended up talking for over three hours. when i hung up the phone it was almost 3:30 am. i'm getting giddy over this boy. it's kind of silly. actually, it is very silly. we talked about our age difference and yes, we are both slightly uncomfortable with it. we'll just have to see where this goes. i'm fine with him being my new found friend. with cuddles. and kisses. and all the good stuff too. ha! no, friendship is good. he calls me his soul-mate. he is the cutest and he makes me happy.

five things that willl make the rest of the morning interesting:

1. i bought some granola yesterday. i'm going to try it in my yoghurt. it's my only option, actually. the store where i buy my frozen sour cherries and frozen black berries is no longer carrying them. i am at a loss. i've always hated yoghurt, then i find one that is more than pretty tasty ("fraser meadow" vanilla) and the yummy sour berries i throw in are now gone. it's a conspiracy. no one wants me to get healthy! i will have to source out new places to find frozen fruit. the westside perhaps. anyway, i am kinda excited about the "cranberry, coconut, almond" granola. ole!

2. coffee. it's the only thing that will get rid of my groggy head. cream, no sugar. the colour of cardboard. yum!

3. gingeryette's diary is back up. hooray! it is very sad when a daily read says that it is going on hiatus. welcome back, lady.

4. my "quick fix tight abs workout" video tape that i got from the library yesterday. thankfully, it was an older grandmothery type at the library check out yesterday. if it was one of the cute library boys, i would have put that tape back. i am so lame. tight abs. ha!

5. listening to dan's mixed tape that he made me for my birthday. dan has the most obscure taste in music of anyone that i know. i'm pretty excited! he hand drew the cover on pink paper: a cobra getting fondelled by two large hands. yes, it will be an adventure. there is even some brigitte fontaine on side one and it ends on side two with betty davis singing "you're one of those very special people". oh yes.

i still haven't heard from the job contract yet, tho i am supposedly "on the top of the pile". bidding for a job totally sucks ass. anyway, time to mainline my coffee. i've wasted enough of this morning already.

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