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March 17, 2002 - 9:55 a.m.

the sun is shining and today i have hope. i will get lots of work done today. i have to. i have lots to catch up on. i might even get enough accomplished to see the last night of peter kubelka at the pacific cinematheque and then later, p:ano at the sugar refinery. well, a girl can dream can't she?

yesterday was better than i had mumbled in my diary entry. i heard from the oliver platt boy and he is doing well. i got some good feedback from an "industry mentor" about my porfolio. i helped to shoot a classmate's film. i met cornelius for a quick coffee and we ended up chatting for four hours. i finally got to have my hot chocolate (sans marshmallows, but delicious). cornelius walked me home and on the way, i found a five dollar bill. a broke girl needs all the help she can get! and when i came home, i ordered yummy spinach and feta pizza. the evening ended up with a nice phone call from the oliver platt boy and a good night of sleep.

i didn't accomplish much yesterday, but i felt good about the day. and so, that leads me into today and my heavy workload. so now i'll quit my procrastination and get down to business.

song for today: mister dobalina, del the funky homosapien. (really!)

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