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February 20, 2002 - 9:28 p.m.

phew! all projects are done. hard drives have been backed-up and hard copies have been made of all my work. today was clean up day. it seemed easy enough. after all, the hard work, the creation was over with. little did i know that backing up this terms work would took all day. sheer hell. but lets back up shall we?

yesterday: glorious. the sun shone brightly as i printed my work to tape and handed in all my assignments. free at last! it was a heavenly day. my friend's boyfriend was in town and wanted to take me out for dinner. i gladly accepted and he gladly paid. we went to bin 941 and ate mussels, duck, tuna and other heavenly delectables. all washed down with multiple glasses of 'wolf blass' (blue label) red wine. yum! it was loads of fun. aaron was cute as can be and we had many enjoyable conversations. i am a very good old friend with craig (his boyfriend) but i've never had a true conversation with just aaron. it was great just talking to someone new and we were clearly the most dazzling couple in the entire trendy room. aaron had to leave early to get to work (he is here on business after all), so i called up the oliver platt boy and kept the good times rolling. (yum!)

today: boring. work. work. work. met up with aaron for a quick ocean-side walk. work. work. work. attended a new media industry seminar. work. work. work. clean the apartment. i'd say it's time for pizza, beer and a movie.

tommorrow i will relax instantly. oh yes!

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