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February 22, 2002 - 9:41 a.m.

my final portfolio term starts monday. until then...i will chill. last night i slept for ten hours (the longest i slept in months!) today i will clean my apartment from top to bottom and maybe even paint one wall orange. it will feel very good!!

last night i took out kristen for her birthday. i made her a red velvet cake topped with pink icing and pastel stars. it was a work of beauty! we also split a plate of pasta at "nick's spagetti house" and i gave her presents (a thrifted dress i had found month's ago that seemed perfect for her -- it was! -- and a carter family record). it was a lovely time. we had good long talks about our lives and i think we are both pretty happy where we are and where we are heading. hooray!! she also watched my movie and she loved it.

after she left i took a long, hot bubble bath and chatted on the telephone to the oliver platt boy. it was nice. i was in bed by 11 pm and i can't remember when the last time that was! yes, all is good.

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