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July 06, 2009 - 11:56 am

I'm so busy with work that it's leading into that stressful category, the one I figured I'd leave behind with a full time job. On Friday I was almost in tears. I called my mom cuz isn't that what you do when you need some comfort (C wasn't home). Except it's really hard to get comfort from your mom when she's having a really hard time getting her words out, so I didn't burden her with my own problems. Instead, I laughed and tried to talk for two people and told her how much I missed her. When I hung up, I cried some real tears because I do miss my mom a lot and even though she's still my mom it's so much more difficult now. Stupid tumour taking away my mom.

It doesn't look like this week will be any different. Lots of work. Yesterday I treated the day like a work day even though it was Sunday. I got on my computer at noon and worked until 4 and then worked again from 7 until midnight. Ugh. This week is supposed to be grey and rainy so at least I won't be upset that I'm stuck indoors in front of my computer. Also, it might quell my ice cream desires. It's true, this weekend I craved ice cream like nobodies business. I didn't get even a spoonful. Maybe it's time to put ice cream on the agenda.

In other news, on Saturday I went with a couple friends to a berry farm which means finally I have some local strawberries. We didn't u-pick, instead we just bought up some already-picked berries. 2 large containers worth. It's the end of the season and they were looking ripe and a bit pathetic, but they're mine and they're local so they are delicious. We also picked up tayberries, raspberries and blueberries. I'm berry bountiful. When we got home, C and I watched Revolutionary Road and The Seventh Continent. RR really bugged me (it was pretty stinky - the men come out on top, after all. Did anyone think it was weird that it ended with 3 male character views at the end? Hmph!) and the Haneke film worked so much better, you know, on the depressing movie front.

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