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February 16, 2009 - 9:11 pm

last week:

being home was good in the way that it wasn't horrible or anything. my mom isn't doing well, but she's not going to die anytime soon which is good. i was seriously worried about that, but she's in long-term care rather than short-term palliative care. the ward she is in doesn't have a lot of nurses so it's kind of frustrating having to chase down nurses when my mom needs help. but it was so good to hang out with her. despite the fact that she can no longer really talk any more (she knows what she wants to say, her brain tumour just gets in the way so she can't get out the words), she was still my sweet, sweet mom. my dad is really upset about everything and hates going to visit mom in the hospital. he can't face it that she's dying and it's so hard for him. I tried to be a good daughter and made awesome dinners every night...we didn't even get into a single yelling match while i was there, so yay me! the fun thing we did was see "the wrestler" with my brother and it was so good! i didn't know what to expect, but it was really enjoyable (hmmm, not sure if "enjoyable" is the best word to use!)

coming back was crazy. we got delayed in a snow storm in calgary and it felt like we had been traveling for ages. it was strange to get back to only 12 noon vancouver time. we had been up for almost 11 hours at that point.


today is beautiful outside. i just came back from a long walk and had my ipod on loud. i feel great today and i hope you do too.

so far:

i'm pretty bummed today. maybe it's a crash from a great weekend. maybe it's due to reading dean wareham's black postcards that i got from the library. i didn't go to bowling tonight. i just couldn't make it. i was tired and grumpy and didn't want to get on my bike and go. or even hop on the skytrain. i just laid in bed and read.

this morning i sent off some final mockups to a client and expected some immediate feedback. nothing so far. i hate waiting around. i want the gush. send me the love.

this week will be filled with uneven projects. need more content, more information, nothing is settled. waiting.

i'm so impatient.

yesterday, on a roll from a great afternoon, i baked some chocolate chip and kumquat cookies for my friend's birthday. i packed them all cute in a box with a sticker, a matching card and a birthday calendar. plus a cute bag from target. we all went to cascade and drank yummy cocktails. everyone else went to burlesque night at the biltmore while i decided to go home and work. oh well. no t+a for me last night. maybe that's where everything went downhill.

i need a shake up.

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