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February 01, 2009 - 12:43 pm

the chinese new year parade is going on outside our apartment. it's nice that i don't have to stand outside in the rain to watch it. i love all the cymbals, drumming, music and firecrackers. and of course, with any canadian parade, there are bagpipes. even at a chinese new years parade. bagpipes. i don't get it.

the first month of this year has been nothing but work, work, work. it's good for the pocketbook and it's great for getting me into a routine. plus, it's all design work that i feel good about doing and the client i'm working with loves me. pretty much all of last year, we did maintenance, "ghost designing" for other agencies without any new clients of our own. needless to say, 2008 was not a good year for money nor for our portfolio. this year we plan on changing that and so far things are going our way.

my mom isn't doing well and this week i am flying out to visit, with my husband in tow. it will be a relatively short visit, only 5 days, but i think with the kind of family i have, five days is enough. my mom has been on the wait list for a very good palliative care hospital. we were told that it would only be a week or two, but we've been waiting for over a month now. she hates the hospital where she is now and i know she's not getting her needs met. she wants to die and wants to stop all cancer treatment, but i don't think the hospital has directly asked my mom what she wants. my dad is the one who keeps requesting treatment which is prolonging her life. she's miserable. she can't talk, walk or do much else than lie in bed. my brother visits often and they all have a sing-a-long which is great. brain tumors are weird. my mom can't talk (in english) but she can speak slightly better in french and she can sing like there is no tomorrow, apparently. i'm excited to see my mom and i hope to spend a lot of my time with her in the hospital. i'm so glad cornelius is coming too since it will be good to have him near. ah, families.

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