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December 21, 2008 - 1:53 pm

the end for my mom is so very near. she's deteriorating quickly in the hospital and tomorrow, we're having a meeting with her doctor's & nurses. i've told my dad and brother to push for palliative/hospice care and i think they will. my brother will have me dial into the meeting so that is a very good thing. finally, i can be a part of what is going on with my mom's care. i've been seeking advice from a friend's mom who used to be a palliative care nurse who has since retired. she's been a tremendous help and i've passed along everything to my brother and dad. there's definite relief in this whole process but i'm so very sad and broken up about it all.

today c is at work and i'm alone trying to bake and pretend like everything is okay but i think i'm just going to give up on trying to do anything else this holiday. i'm sure my friends will understand that i can't be there with home-baked treats and good cheer. thank you also to everyone who had good words about my mom. thank you so much. it really helps.

after the results of the phone meeting tomorrow i should better about when i'll be flying back home.

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