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November 25, 2008 - 1:34 pm

So this global economic crisis has finally been felt on a personal level. Yesterday I lost one of my long-term clients (whose business is basically the shit-hole US housing market) and it's nearly a quarter of my income. I wasn't surprised that they will be doing the work in house now to save dollars. But it is total suckage since my income is rather small anyway as I love free time and only work a few hours a week. Let's hope people still want to shop on etsy! I'm reigning in spending and eating out and instead hope to have lots of house parties instead.

But out with the doom and gloom for now. Music has been making me happy lately. I've been loving mgmt (is that so wrong?). Really, just watch these two videos (warning: slow loads). So, so good. Happy hippy music! Love it. I also have been bopping to The Mighty Hannibal which has kept my soul completely grounded. Twist and shake everybody!

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