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June 27, 2008 - 10:46 am

I know, look at me...in for my once-a-month post. The summer is shaping up nicely here in the Northwest and I'm so excited about it. Last night I was out on our itty-bitty patio surveying all the green things growing and tidying up things so that our patio can be just a bit of awesomeness. The zucchini plants are growing huge (no zucchini yet), as are the strawberries and tomatoes and peas. Last night we put up an Ikea trellis (we got ours for $3) and so far our clematis plant is loving it. I'm totally down with the Maven and plan on doing lots of patio beer beer patio this summer.

Tonight is critical mass so I think I will join up with my pal Kristen and bike around mucking up with traffic. I just like group bike rides and messing with traffic is only a secondary joy.

Shortly, I'll be on my bike to pick up groceries and propane. It is sort of a long weekend, with Canada Day falling on Tuesday, so I'll need to be prepared. We're having a sleepover on Monday night with friends and Tuesday we will bet on the ponies and then head back to our place for a bbq and fireworks! I think the sleepover has dictated that we will watch the 2 Corey's oeuvre. If anyone has any other suggestions for good sleepover movies, I'm all ears!

I'm full of smiles and full of dreams. That is a good thing.

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