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May 05, 2008 - 5:43 pm

yay, tomorrow i'll be outta here for 10 days. a very exciting prospect. no work, no sending out cards, nothing but the wind in my hair and the stars overhead.

on saturday i had a pre-birthday party since i'll be away on my actual birthday. planning it stressed me out a whole lot. people just didn't respond to my email (don't people rsvp anymore?) and it was making me cranky and unloved. but it all worked out in the end cuz a bunch of good friends showed up at the legion and we proceeded to drink our faces off and play shuffleboard for the rest of the night. unfortunately no one turned into the puking grandma, but good times were had by all. plus, i made 2 kinds of cupcakes. what more could you want?

today is hot and i'm in summer attire. thank you warm weather! let's hope the hottness carries through for the next 10 days (hell, how about until end of september?).

today is the last day of bowling, which means our bowling tournament. we're all very serious players and we almost made it to first this quarter. maybe we'll end up in second place (since there's no hope for first). keep your fingers crossed!

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