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April 21, 2008 - 11:25 am

I really had such high hopes for this month, I really really did. But it's nearing the end and it's been quite a drain. I've been sick with bronchitis and it still lingers. I cough quite regularly and my left ear has been plugged for weeks. The weather hasn't been cooperating either. Sure there is lots of sunshine for which I am grateful, but there has also been snow. Friday night I looked out the window and sure enough, big white fat flakes fell from the sky. They didn't stick but it was enough to give me the shivers. Rumour has it that it will snow again tonight. Gah!

My mom has been having episodes (I don't know how else to describe them). Two weeks ago, she was rushed to the hospital because she had a partial seizure. My dad found her white as a sheet and completely frozen, unable to speak or move. She got out of it a few minutes later, but the hospital put her on new medication. A couple of days ago my mom felt dizzy and wobbly so my dad took her to the hospital where they said her dizziness was caused by the new medication. She was kept over night for observation but home the next day. They're trying out different levels and switching up her meds to find the right combo. Talking to her is really hard because the drugs have totally messed with her head. She struggles to get words out and is so frustrated and feels stupid that she can't express herself or complete sentences. Mother's day is coming up so I totally want to send her a nice package. If I can't go for a walk with her (which is something she's been dying to do), then at least I can send her a batch of cookies.

Now, May, that has got to be a better month, right?

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