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April 01, 2008 - 10:51 am

Sometimes I totally forget about this diary. It's getting easier and easier to do. Today I don't even feel like writing, but when the alternative is doing work, well, then I'm not as picky. I need a vacation. It seems like it has been ages since I've spent a week or longer away from this computer and I can't wait until May when we go camping through central Oregon and spend a few days in Portland as well. May can't come soon enough. At least March is over with. Too many cold days and snow. For reals. Where on earth does it snow in March? Certainly not Vancouver, but sure enough, 1 day of snow and 2 days of hail. What gives, as my dad used to say. Hello April, let's play nice.

Yesterday I had a meeting over at the big ol' ad agency that I work for and the meeting went well. Usually I feel terribly shabby since all the other ad agency ladies I've met have been quite kept-up and Hills like . Thankfully, for this new project, the PM is quite down to earth and wore ripped jeans and sneakers. Nice. That alone makes the project so much less stressful. Plus, they see me as an expert which is also sweet (and the truth).

Not much else is new. Lots of work to do until May and I have plans to see lots of shows this month, which is nice. I also have quite the hankering to shop for clothes and things to make our bedroom feel more homey. I do have a craft fair that I will be attending in a couple of weeks so that does make me nervous. Selling my cards online is easy but selling at a table and making eye contact and smiling is a bit more nerve wracking. It will bring me back to those old zine-selling days! Fun.

Okay, back to work, lady.

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