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March 04, 2008 - 3:58 pm

Yikes! Dl what is up with this ugly new design? Not pretty.

I was just sick and then I got semi-better. Cornelius got sick but he got completely better. Now I'm starting to feel sick again. It all started after last night's icy bikeride back from bowling. Now I feel congested and horrible and I hope I don't get sick again. My brother is getting married on Saturday so we are flying to Toronto on Thursday and off to London on Friday to visit with the family. The reason I want to be all germ-free is because my mom just got over pnenomnia and I don't want her to get all sick again because of me! I'm crossing my fingers and taking extra vitamins.

I woke up with a kink in my neck so I'm also in pain and kind of grumpy. I am wearing a cute dress so that is the only thing working out at the moment.

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