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February 08, 2008 - 9:02 am

It's been a week of highs and lows. First the very very highs...which included snowshoeing on top of a mountain! Holy moly, that was fun times walking around on deep snow, giggling hysterically while running down the mountain, and sweating up the dickens climbing back up. I realized that stopping going to the gym isn't doing my ass any good. Or my lungs, for that matter. I was a huffing and a puffing like a grampus...but I had red cheeks and a glow that came from being outside and having fun. Theoretically, since we are so close to the mountains (and I'm talking real mountains, none of that hills crap), I could go snowshoeing every day as part of my exercise routine and hiking in the summer. Now, that would be using my locale to it's full potential. Too bad you need a car to climb up the mountain. Oh well, at least there's the gym around the corner.

The lows came after snowshoeing when we got a phone call that c's granny died that morning. She was 97 years old but feisty and did not want to give up, even at the very end. c's mom wanted to believe that she was at peace when she died, but I think that it was the morphine that put her body to rest. Her mind, however, was still active and did not want to give up. It's really sad to live with a failing body yet having your mind be so sharp.

Work-wise, this week has been busy, so I haven't gone grocery shopping all week. I'm not one of those to do a huge weekly haul. Instead I shop every second day or so walking to the local markets and seeing what is fresh. But this week, I was too busy to do that so I've been getting creative trying to suss out every last bit of goodness from the cupboards. I've eaten more polenta than I've had in my life and that isn't necessarily a bad thing since I discovered the joys of "spoon bread", a custardy goodness made better with leftover bits of strong cheeses. But this afternoon, I'm heading to the stores and will pile my basket with dark bitter greens and other tastes to remind me never to be so foolish.

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