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January 28, 2008 - 10:23 am

My dad called me on Saturday to give me my mom's phone number at the hospital. She's doing so much better and it was amazing to hear her voice. She sounds like she always has so that pretty much made my day. So thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts...every bit of kindness helps! I'm going to call her today because this afternoon she has physio so that she can get back to walking. I guess being bed-ridden for a couple weeks makes standing up and walking a chore.

In other news, we wrapped up season 3 of The Wire which was awesome. I'm totally on that show and so far season 3 has been my favorite. I'm totally in love with Omar, the big bad gay gangster with the big ol' guns. Now if there is one thing I could change about The Wire would be the goofy god-awful sex scenes. Yikes!

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