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December 20, 2007 - 8:15 am

This morning we're meeting with an accountant which is a good thing. Unfortunately, she's in Burnaby and not on the skytrain line, so that is a bummer. Hopefully, she'll be awesome and we'll have found our accounting person. My fingers are crossed.

Yesterday we stocked up our fridge and booze shelves with all kinds of cheese and alcohols. C said that having a house full of booze made him feel secure and I couldn't agree more. Who cares if the power goes out? We have rum. And speaking of the power going out, I remember it being a much more common experience. It was always a kind of nice thing to have it go out for a while and read under candlelight. But I guess now we have an electric stove and electric heat so maybe wishing the power would go out isn't such a nice idea anymore.

We're almost done our Christmas shopping! I still have to get C a gift and his parents still need something but other than that, our list is covered. I've thrifted and handmade most of the gifts I'm giving this year, so that makes me feel good. While we were in London I found such awesome thrift scores so that helped make things easy.

I've got a lot of work to do today and tomorrow. The days are moving so quickly and my time is being sucked up too fast. I was expecting something from my clients on Monday but they're only going to be giving me stuff this afternoon and their deadline for the 1st proof is tomorrow. Ha! I'm hoping they'll extend the deadline until after the holidays...it is only fair, since they are the ones being late with the content. We'll see. I also have to write an article for cash due tomorrow about sketching dining in Vancouver. Fun research ahead! Dinner tonight will be an experience.

I also have more baking and candy making to do and I have to pick up containers to pack them in for gift-giving. Normally I just packed them up in Chinese take-out containers from that craft/recycle shop on Main but I think I'll thrift for some large mason jars instead. Ack! I've got too much to do! All I want to do instead is just curl up and watch old movies. Now I'm kicking myself for getting rid of cable because the holidays are when I want to watch TCM all the freaking time.

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