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August 13, 2007 - 12:09 pm

on saturday i met up with molly & brandon for breakfast and it was great meeting them. it was my first time meeting up with another food blogger and she was so sweet and her new husband was simply adorable! i'm always nervous meeting new people, wondering how i'll come off. but no worries! i don't know what i was so afraid of! we had a great time chatting and laughing and ended up wandering about main street poking in shops. afterwards, i returned home and spent the day cleaning and tidying which so needed to get done. our apartment is pretty messy and completely disorganized. blah.

the only real bummer came when i called home on sunday to talk to my mom. hearing about her cancer was rough but she is in amazing spirits and very, very positive. she's not afraid to die at all. she told me, “do you know why i’m in such good spirits?”. and then she launched into the saddest story...keep in mind that my mom is very religious (roman catholic). about 1 month ago, before all of this happened, she couldn’t sleep at night and she was talking to god and telling him that she wasn’t happy with her life. she has had control for 62 years and didn’t know how to make herself happy, so she told god that she was giving up control of her life to him and he could do what he wanted and she’d be happy with whatever he gave her. it broke my heart hearing how my mom wasn’t happy and now that she’s faced with death, she is filled with happiness. it’s so crazy. she starts radiation therapy on the 20th and it seems like it will be so hard on my mom. during that time she’ll be tired all the time and puffy and it will be hard to keep up her spirits.

i was wondering if i should cancel my trip to europe, but decided against it. my mom really wants me to travel since she never got to travel at all and really, there isn't much that i could do other than move back to london for a month (which i don't think i could do). cornelius and i do plan on going to visit my parents for christmas and i might even go back if i can find a cheap flight in the fall. i love my mom a whole lot and i'm trying to send positive healthy vibes to her.

thanks to all of you who've left notes and positive well wishes!!! i think they really help and it's so good to know that so many people are thinking about my mom. thank you!!

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