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July 24, 2007 - 3:35 pm

so my mom has the cancer. the tumor that is...which i'm assuming means that she herself has cancer. i'm so uneducated about these matters. she will have an operation to remove the tumor on thursday and my mom wants me to come down a few days after that so we can hang out together at their house. me, i'd like to fly out tomorrow so that i can hug her before surgery and make sure she's okay during the whole thing. my dad and brother have been pretty lackluster with details and reports. they didn't even call me this morning to let me know about how the meeting with the doctors went. i called my mom directly at the hospital to find out all about it. i'm trying to get ahold of my dad or brother so they can help give me direction about when i should fly out. grrrr, i hate not having the answers and i hate waiting. thanks for all of your thoughts and wishes...but please keep your fingers crossed for my mom a little longer. thanks.

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