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May 09, 2007 - 9:49 pm

I guess I'm an oldie when spending a whole day having fun means that the next day I get sick. Today I woke up with a head cold and it's only getting worse. I'm trying to stay positive so that I can enjoy all the warm sunshine and picnics that are to come on the weekend. I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking some ecchinchea and goldenseal to help things along.

Yesterday was pretty awesome. It was my birthday and even though I'm only getting older, I can't help but love celebrations! Before we left the house, we checked the mail box and there were 4 cheques waiting for us! Hooray for mad cheddar! And I got a monthly retainer job for some ad agency in Oakland so that means that I get to do anywhere from 0-20 hours of work a month every month for them and get a fucking huge cheque in American dollars. Nice. Anyway, we went to Cafe Salade de Fruites for some moules et frites and some really good house wine. We then checked out the exhibits at the VAG which were pretty great and then headed to the Renaissance Hotel in Coal Harbour for some hotel bar drink-ups. Dinner unfortuntely sucked. We had thai at some horrible place in Yaletown. Simply awful. But all was made up when we met up with friends at Max's for black forest cake. Yummy! I love their black forest cake cuz it's filled with sour cherries that pop their juicy liquids in your mouth which makes me drool a bit.

I've got some work to do but I can put it off until tomorrow. Maybe tonight I'll just watch Lost and eat some chilled spicy ginger green beans that I made earlier.

The weather has been getting nice! However, all this sunshine ruins my wake-up time. Normally, I like to wake up at 8am...or 7:30 when I'm feeling like I've got a lot to do. But lately because of the sun shining into my eyeballs, I'm awake at 5:45am. This sucks. There is also pipe replacement construction going on in our building for the next few months. It's hella-loud and I'm sure the time will come soon when they have to rip out our kitchen and bathroom pipes. I'm not looking forward to that especially since I work from home and can't really escape it.

Blah. I haven't been in a writing mood lately. I've been doing instead. This entry is just like mind-barf. No nice intro-middle-conclusion today. Sorry.

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