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April 09, 2007 - 8:33 am

I'm in a funk. I can't get motivated at work, I can't seem to get past all the boxes in our apartment and my ankle has decided to swell the fuck back up and I'm back to hobbling. Damn it. This greyness has been attached to my hip for the past 5 days or so and I just can't seem to shake it. I'm not motivated to clean, cook, bake or take an interest in something that could mark me as a functioning human being. Yet today I received 2 invitations to Facebook. At least, I am still a human being online. And because I've become such a slug, I've been watching lots of tv via a burned disc from a friend. The most awesomest show? 30rock. Alec Baldwin is so fucking hilarious (and who knew that I would ever utter that phrase?). It's true.

Other random things:
* Friday afternoon I had the best lunch with my friend Carley at Rangoli and drank a lovely Gewurztraminer.
* I bought 2 really cute & lovely fitting t shirts this weekend!
* We bought patio furniture! Sunshine, come and get me!
* I don't think I can live with white walls...or at least white walls without any artwork. My walls are bare and I want to cry.

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