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March 20, 2007 - 9:57 pm

Just when I thought things were getting better....I ended up spraining my ankle last night. I totally wiped out on my bike due to slippery roads, a weird incline and a bit too much i.p.a. I can't walk at all and my ankle is totally swollen and slightly bruised up. Oh and it hurts like hell. And there is still so much packing to do and we move on Friday and Saturday.

Cornelius went to a pharmacy around the corner from our house and rented me crutches for $5 a week. Crazy! He also got me an ankle support brace and some traumeel cream which is some homeopathic medicine that should reduce swelling. I'm hoping that if I rest, ice and do some ankle excercises that I'll be up and getting shit done in no time at all.

Damn, thems the breaks.

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