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March 18, 2007 - 12:17 pm

this afternoon i trudged out in the rain and went to grab things around the nanaimo/ehastings area. i really love that 'hood for shopping! i went to my favorite polish market for some sausage and then to the italian market for european bacon and then to donald's for the rest of my shopping. i also went to london drugs for hair dye and packing tape. yes, somehow even when i escape the apartment, moving and packing is always on my mind. it's funny because yesterday as well most of my social interactions involved moving. i met up with my friend michelle for lunch and then went back to her office to steal a bunch of cardboard boxes. then dan & pam came by for cake and hanging out but they also brought a ton of boxes along with them. i really, really, really can't wait until all of this moving business is over with.

in non-moving news, i finally was able to find an .avi of antm so i could watch renee give the finger and watch whitney give the "deuces". seriously, i have no idea what the hell the "deuces" mean, but i'm gonna start giving people the "dueces". haha. i also started watching the best tv show ever, life on mars. it's british and it has the best soundtrack ever with lots of t rex, bowie, roxy music, the rolling stones, etc. i can't recall watching such a well-written show before. and in the spirit of the "life on mars" (cuz it was in the last episode i saw & plus, it suits my mood tonight), here's a link to this great nina simone song, i wish i knew how it was to be free.

yup, my life in a nutshell: packing, watching tv and more packing. what the hell has happened to me??!!

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