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March 09, 2007 - 9:27 am

we are moving in 2 weeks and i've passed c my flu so now we are both hacking up lungs are feeling pretty awful. we've tried to organize our new phone/internet service but apparently it will be a hassle because of the intercom system that also goes through the phone. i hope we won't be screwed out of our adsl connection and we don't want to have to get cable for the internet. we have to gather boxes, change our address at the post office, and figure out all those little things that i haven't even thought of yet.

i started going to the gym just before i got sick and now i'm so ready to go back again. c thinks i should wait until i get stronger and it probably wouldn'd be the nicest thing to hack all over the ellipitcal trainer (even though i always wipe it down afterwards). i'm so ready to have my life get back to normal again! what's taking so long?

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